About Us

Looking for a career change in 2010,  Simon Cotterill was introduced to currency trading.  Beginners luck, seemingly crucial to many day traders, allowed Simon to make significant profits early on but luck ran out after a short spell and losing all profits, Simon faced the reality of the need to study and educate himself if he were to become a consistently profitable trader.


Taking a year sabbatical, Simon studied various fields within the industry to gain an overall understanding of currency trading.   From this, he discovered technical analysis and charting and found this to be a natural fit for his mindset and personality. 


In 2014, Simon isolated himself for the year and traded a live account, putting into practice what he had learnt.   The reality of trading real money, ensured he traded with a prudent and disciplined approach. 


Simon's unique, innovative and disciplined approach, focussed on the psychology of trading, leading to a strict daily routine with clear principles and rules within his trading process.   This process combined with technical analysis pattern recognition, candlestick formations and a mathematical based method, lead to excellent returns and consistent profits.


In January 2016, based on this consistently profitable method, Simon and two friends, pooled fund together, simply to earn an extra monthly income.  As time progressed, word spread of exceptional monthly returns and attracted more investment from friends and family.  By the summer of 2016, Simon was trading over £250,000 and by the end of 2016, his fund had grown to over £1,000,000 and returned 308% on the year.


Simon now offers his technical analysis reports and trade ideas as a service to banks and brokers.