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Clear, Concise and Profitable Technical Analysis Trade Ideas With a Proven Track Record

What we do

Cosen Capital provide technical analysis for all the major and minor currency pairs and send to our brokers on average 3-4 trade ideas per week.


Our analysis is centred around a purely technical analysis approach, using technical patterns and candlestick formations to map the markets and identify actionable trading opportunities.  We concentrate on important support and resistant levels, trends and overall market direction, then drill down to find technical patterns and candlestick formations that provide tradable ideas that have proven to be consistently profitable.

Our technical analysis is a simple price action centred approach, with supporting evidence from moving averages, stochastics, and fibonacci.  Every report will provide a market overview and a detailed account of the analysis, culminating in a possible trade idea.  We keep an eye on the news, so as not to clash with big news announcements but we leave the fundamentals for the economist to interpret.

Our Reports

Examples of our reports over the last month, delayed by one week, can be seen on the "Our Reports" page.

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